It has come to my attention, that many “professionals” in varying professions, often make some very “unprofessional” mistakes. My ADVICE to anyone who is involved in making purchases or overseeing ANYTHING, is to – RESEARCH!!! RESEARCH EVERYTHING!!! DON’T TAKE ANYTHING – “FACE VALUE”. DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ OR HEAR – UNLESS IT’S FROM ME […]

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Make “Child” SAFETY and DEVELOPMENT a Priority. Children are the Future.

 Please click the “SECURECHILD” link below to learn more about what you can do to help protect children and offer any advice you may have to share with others. Sincerely, Malachi Willcox SECURECHILD: A resource center with information on how to protect Children, before and after birth.

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My name is Malachi Willcox. You can call me “Chi”, pronounced ().

I decided to create a site/blog for the purpose of educating others and myself at the same time. If you stumbled across this site by accident – Please take a look around. You might find something interesting or educational in the process.

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